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Use guest ID and guest password to log in first.
Guest ID : 16106496
Guest Password: atomy

2 types of members:

  • Consumer member. (Not eligible to receive commission. Verification is not required. Consumer can be converted to agent if the information provided match with information on IC).
  • Business agent. (Eligible to receive commission after successful verification done by Atomy).
  1. Click “Atomy Official Website” according to your country. Click “Join Atomy”.
  2. Check all the boxes to agree to the member agreement, general terms and conditions, privacy and security, and ensure that you are 18 or older. Then click on the “Agree” sign at the bottom.
  3. Fill out the required information. (Please set your password as “atomy1234&“. So we can find a way to contact you and guide you). Don’t worry about your personal details in Atomy. This is done to ensure that you are the right person to receive benefit from Atomy.
  4. Guest password is for your families/friends so they can login and check out Atomy products/price. When they login with your member ID and guest password, they won’t have access to your personal/account information. (You may set your guest password as “atomy“).
  5. Find a Sponsor, use one of the sponsor ID below as your sponsor. 1 member can only sponsor 2 people and those 2 spots have been filled. So please try other sponsor IDs. We update the list everyday with available sponsors. When you join, you will be added to the list as well, so you can start building on your downstream teams. After you join as an Atomy member you can use your ID as a sponsor ID. Only 2 of your friends can join directly under your ID.

Available sponsor IDs:


If you are eligible to receive commission from Atomy.
Please upload required documents to verify your true identity.

Singapore Application Upload 新加坡会员资料上传
Malysia Application Upload 马来西亚会员资料上传
Korea Application Upload 韩国会员资料上传
Indonesia Application upload 印尼会员资料上传
Thailand Application Upload. 泰国会员资料上传
Phlippine Application Upload 菲律宾会员资料上传

We are all born to be consumer.

Your may choose to buy products from Cool strorage, super market… but if you choose to buy from Atomy you will receive commissions from Atomy… $80~$1600 per day. This is just basic commission.

Try Atomy products first. Like Atomy products then share products information with people around you.

There are more than 500 types of products available on Atomy shopping mall. Definitely you will find some of you favorite products there.

Don’t worry about product price. Try some cheap products first to gain confidence about Atomy products. Atomy company will always try to find balance point between price and quality to meet consumers’ needs.

How to get commission from Atomy? (Please spend some time to read through. You may contact me if you have questions. Contact me.)

Atomy Philosophy (You may find more Atomy infor here.)