How Atomy’s Compensation Plan Works

How Atomy’s Compensation Plan Works

How does one make money with Atomy? Atomy has outlined its compensation plan here.

The Binary System

Each member can have their own left and right group, and each person below that can have their own left and right group, and so on.
If you follow the connecting lines up, they will lead towards you because you are their upline.


Your Personal PV

Each member earns PV (point value) to their account when they purchase a product. Once you have purchased 10,000 PV worth of products, you will become eligible to receive commissions. There are different tiers and the higher you are the more commission you can receive.

Note: The reason why the PV numbers are so inflated is that the South Korean currency tends to deal with large numbers like this. Thus, their virtual points reflect this as well. For example, 1000 Korean Won is less than $1 USD, and buying 3 Atomy toothbrushes for $27 USD will give you 11,700 PV.

Simply buy and use Atomy products as you would normally, and the amount of PV your account accumulates will be substantial. It is not unusual for your first order to earn you over 10,000 PV.

Below is a diagram that illustrates the different levels your account can reach and how much personal PV it requires to attain it.

atomy ranks

Your Downline PV

When a member in either your left or right group purchases a product that has a designated PV, not only does PV get credited to their account, but PV gets credited to your left or right “leg”, depending on which side the member is on.

This PV is different from your personal PV. Once the left and right side purchases at least 300k PV worth of products (the minimum for a payout), and your account has at least 10k PV, then you will receive the commission. The PV of your left and right side will then reset back to 0, and you will have to accumulate more PV to receive more commissions. You retain your personal PV forever and it can only go up.

Depending on your membership rank, the amount of PV needed to trigger a payout will be different, and the amount of money you get paid will differ as well.

At the very highest level, once you have reached 2.4 million PV and your left and right groups exceed 50m PV each, you can make a commission of roughly $1,300 USD per day.

This isn’t just a pipe dream; since 2014 there have been a few people in South Korea (where Atomy was founded) at this level already. You definitely can attain this rank in your respective country.

Below is a picture showing the various ranks and how much compensation you can expect to receive per payout.

general commission
1 Score is roughly 4.8 USD, so 5 score = $24 and 300 score is $1,440

Two Different Ways to Advance Rank

Mentioned above, one way to increase your personal PV is to simply purchase Atomy products.

For instance, to be an Agent, you can either purchase over 300k PV worth of products, or the smaller “leg” of your downline must accumulate over 600k PV the previous month to upgrade your account into an Agent for the current month.

This can be beneficial because you can increase your rank to the next level up if you have been sharing Atomy but haven’t had the chance to buy the products for yourself. This can save you lots of money, especially for the higher tiers when you may need to spend thousands of dollars to increase your personal PV to the next level.

Mastership Promotion & Incentives

In addition to the daily commissions mentioned above, there are 7 one-time bonuses you can receive. These one time awards are as such:


But wait, there’s more! In addition to the one-time bonuses, achieving these Mastership levels entitles you to more bonuses paid out twice a month! See this picture below for more details.

For Sales Masters, 10% of Atomy’s total sales accumulated between either the 1st-15th of the month, or the 16th to end of month will be distributed amongst them.

If the company’s total sales in this period is 3 billion Korean Won for example, then a 300 million pot is shared among all the Sales Masters. If there are 1,000 Sales Masters, then each Sales Master would get 300k Won which is roughly $263 USD. Keep in mind that this payout on top of the general commission that you already earn.

Parting Words

As you can see, if you really decide to increase your rank in Atomy, you can earn a respectable income at the higher levels. The problem that many people struggle with is starting out.

You can climb quickly by:

Purchasing Atomy products because you genuinely like them and use them. This will naturally build up your personal PV over time.

Invite your friends and family to join because you want them to have access to these wonderful health products too. Ask your friends and family to share Atomy with their friends as well.

Mention Atomy to strangers if you can naturally lead the conversation to it.

Remember that Atomy cares for its members and it dislikes members whose only concern is recruiting new members purely for profit. In the same way, you should approach marketing Atomy with the same attitude.

And in no time at all, without even realizing it, you will have recruited a sizeable network of people, all working to succeed together with Atomy. And when that happens, your compensation will surely reflect your efforts and loyalty.