How Atomy Auto-Pilot System Works

A few months back, we release the Auto-Pilot System that made all who tried it successful in Atomy business. And from those people who are on the system, we have received so many requests for a post that explains how the system works. Why? Because they know the system works (meaning it is making them money), and want others to get on it, but they are not good at explaining. So here is the post, how our Auto-Pilot System will work for you & make you money through Atomy.


In our Atomy team, we have many successful leaders who are earning great income through Atomy. And their success came from helping others to be successful. So in the beginning, we tried to teach our new team members to do the same. But we have found out that everyone isn’t the same, and some people are just not fit for network marketing business. But we thought that wasn’t fare. Since the concept of network marketing is the company sharing its profit with customers, it should share the profit with all customers, not just some. And true, this isn’t possible for all network marketing companies because their systems are rigged from the beginning. But Atomy commission system was complicated but honest, so it was possible to design a system that benefits all members, not just some. So what does it take to make money with Atomy system?

Keys to Atomy Success

  1. You have to use Atomy products.
    There is no catch to Atomy membership. It is 100% free. However, in order to keep your membership, you have to make at least one purchase a year. Also, in order to obtain a higher membership status (which doesn’t expire once you get there), you have to use Atomy products and earn a fixed number of points.
  2. You have to have downlines who use Atomy products.
    The idea behind Atomy income is simple: Giving back part of sales profit to the members who bring other active members, active meaning actively buying members. So you need not just downlines, but buying downlines. And this is the hardest part of Atomy business. Not everyone is good at convincing people to buy stuff. If they were, they would probably be making big money already as good sales person. Some people fail at Atomy business because they may have a huge number of downlines (such as their friends/families), but they are downlines who don’t use Atomy products. If they don’t use Atomy products, they are good as not being there at all.
  3. You have to strategically manages your downlines, and they have to do the same.
    Let’s say you have so many downlines who loves using Atomy products. But if you don’t place them strategically to maximize the potential of the binary system (one of the network marketing system that Atomy uses), that will make the difference between no income to $10,000~$100,000 a month. It may be easy and fun to manage first 100 downlines, but when the number of downlines gets out of hand, it is very hard to maximize your earning.

How does our Auto-Pilot System helps you to do the above three? Please read on.

How the Auto-Pilot System Solves the Problems

  1. You have to use Atomy products.
    This is the only problem you have to solve. We’re not going to make you to love Atomy products. Atomy will do that. And let’s be honest. You may not like all of Atomy products. Even though Atomy sells Cafe Arabica Black (Atomy’s Instant Coffee Mix), I still like to make my own coffee with whole coffee beans. But hey, I love Atomy’s skin care products and just by using them, I achieve a member status that allows me to earn a great income. But it’s your choice to give Atomy products a shot.
  2. Auto-Pilot System Will Get You Atomy Loving Downlines
    This is the most useful part of our system. In order to succeed, you need downlines, and you need buying downlines. And our system gets you THOSE downlines. How do we do that? We go for those who are already interested in buying Atomy products.
    Our team has noticed a strange phenomena: People are buying Atomy products at retail price! How do you know this? Just search Atomy on eBay or Amazon. People are selling Atomy products online at marked up prices, and people are buying. And please note selling Atomy products online is strictly prohibited action noted in the member agreement. But some Atomy members are doing it because they can simply make money by buying Atomy products at member price and selling it at a higher price.
    There are so many non-members who are buying Atomy products, so we decided to tackle those people. We simply decided to tell those people, “Sir or Ma’am, you can buy Atomy products at cheaper price, and while you’re at it, you can make money!” Do you think that works? Absolutely. By tackling already interested people, our system has saved us more than 90% of time/effort trying to convince people to join/use Atomy.
    And how do we find these people? We don’t find them. They come to our team! Just search “hemohim” on Google. the first website you see is is our partner website. When people search HemoHIM, they come to our website, find out about the product, wants to buy it, then join our team to become a member. That is done automatically! And this is done through not just one website, but many of our partner websites.
  3. You have to strategically manages your downlines, and they have to do the same.
    Once you start getting downlines, the placement of your downlines becomes crucial to your success. Our team knows how to place downlines strategically so income opportunity is maximized. We have built this strategy into the system.

What If You Want More Control?

Once you become a Sales Master through our System, you’ll be very excited for its income opportunity. Why? Because once you are a Sales Master, you are earning a monthly income of $3,000-$4,000! At this point, our team members usually ask the question: What can I do on top of what the Auto-Pilot System is doing for me? If so and if you want to accelerate the growth of your Atomy income, we give you all the tools to succeed.

For an example, if you are earning $3,000-$4,000/month by doing nothing but taking HemoHIM, how easy would it be to convince your friends/families? Very easy. But we make this easier. Once you are at that level, we give you tools such as your own website or your own business card (with your own website address). With your website, you can simply post it on your Facebook or Twitter, maybe along with the screenshot of the direct deposit from Atomy. People can very curious, go to your website, then boom. The website very similar to this one will get them interested and help them join our team as your downline. Simple? Very simple.