HemoHIM Complex Extract plus including Angelica Radix is an herbal supplement made from 100% natural ingredients such as Angelica Radix, Cnidium officinale, and Paeonia japonica. It will give you energy, improve your immune system functions and improve anti-cancer activity for your body. Download more information here.

HemoHIM+ is able to achieve excellent results through high purity refining technology, delivering a precise formula of the purest ingredients in each packet.

What does HemoHIM+ stand for?

The origin of the name HemoHIM+ comes from a combination of meanings. Hemo is short for hemoglobin. HIM is an abbreviation for hematopoiesis (production of blood cells), immune, and modulation. HIM also means “strength” in Korean. Finally, the + refers to an improved version of HemoHIM.

History of HemoHIM+

HemoHIM+ is cultivated in Korea and developed through biotechnology and radiation technologies from the food-life engineering team of the Korea Atomic Energy Institute. It was a government project that spanned 8 years, cost 5 billion won (roughly $4.7 million USD) involving 15 expert Ph.D’s. It is both KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration) and USA FDA approved and comes recognized as the #1 medically approved health food supplement by the KFDA. HemoHIM+ is pateneted in the US and Europe (UK, France, Germany and Italy).


NK cell activation – An immune cell which is generated in the human bone marrow to destruct harmful substances to the human body. NK cells can eat cancer cells

Cytokine generation improvement – A type of cell playing a central roll in the immune system

Immunity enhancement – Enhances immunity to maintain health

Immune cell activation – Improves human body defense capacity

It has been proven to be several times more effective than ginseng products and mushrooms for increasing immune capacity. HemoHIM+ was tested against Jin Sam, Hong Sam Red Ginseng, and Seonsam ginseng. It was also tested against Eungi and Sanghwang mushrooms varieties.

Who is it good for?

People who often feel fatigue

People who require more stamina

People lacking energy from work-related stress

Athletes engaging in strenuous activity

Students preparing for tests requiring physical strength

Anyone at any age can experience the benefits of HemoHIM+.


HEMOHIM TESTIMONIAL by Atomy members :

After a definitive diagnosis was established, I was immediately started on chemotherapy every 3 weeks for 6 sessions that will last for 5 months. I was started on a 4-drug R-CHOP combination of :

Rituximab (Mabthera) 700 mg. IV for 3 hrs.

Doxorubicin (Adriamycin) 10 mgs IV for 10 mins

Vincristine 1 mg. IV for 10 mins

Cyclphosphamide (Endoxan) 1350 mg IV for 3 hrs.

Oral prednisolone 25 mgs TID (75 mgs) for 5 days.


Normally, majority of the patients may experience immediate side effects upon starting the chemo such as fever, allergy, headache, nausea, vomiting, chills, hematuria, stomach ache, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea, but by the grace and blessing of our LORD, and through my prayers, I NEVER EXPERIENCED ANY OF THOSE IMMEDIATE SIDE EFECTS. I was comfortable, relaxed and up and around. My Oncologist cautioned me that after one week, I may experience the delayed side effects such as extreme fatigue, loss of appetite, mouth sores, indigestion, nausea or vomiting, falling hair etc. Again, by the grace of GOD, I NEVER EXPERIENCED ANY DELAYED SIDE EFFECTS.

This was the 1st MIRACLE I received. In Jesus name. Amen!

With my regular daily walking exercise, adequate rest, good nutrition, good oral hygiene, avoiding stress and pressure, relaxed and have peace of mind with GOD and myself, and most of all, I committed, entrusted and surrendered myself to Jesus for I know HE will direct my path to a speedy and full recovery. Amen!

I draw my strength and inspiration by watching the weekly inspirational talks of Ptrs Peter Tan-chi, Boy Saquing, Danny Urquico, etc. of CCF and the nightly talks of Ptrs Peter, Alex, Icko, Mari, Felichi, Camilla, Kata etc. of The 700 Club of Asia.

I also thank my family, love ones, relatives, friends and classmates for their encouraging words, supports and prayers that challenged me to carry on the fight of my life.

My Lymphoma is a blessing, because it brought me closer to GOD, to my family and to my son, Gerald, who came all the way from the Philippines to Taiwan to take care and look after me. Truly, I found a son who is, loving, and caring and I thank GOD for all this transformation in my life.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th chemo went on uneventful and smoothly and as usual, no immediate and delayed side effects were experienced except for loss of hair and continued loss of weight. I have lost a total of 16 kgs by then.

The 2nd MIRACLE happened last Dec. 20-24, after my 5th chemo, when I was admitted into the ER because of fever and I went into septic shock. My BP dropped to 80/50(severe hypotension), HR shot up to 150/mins.,(severe tachycardia), aggravated by severe arrhythmia, severe neutropenia (WBC dropped to +/-900), severe anemia (Hct dropped to 7). They couldn’t stabilize my vital signs in spite of massive IVF pumped into my body plus vasoconstrictors to raise my BP. I was inserted a CVP line for emergency intervention. I stayed the whole night in the ER and was brought to the ward BEFORE LUNCH of Dec. 21 (end of the world prophecy) still with unstable vital signs. I was given a blood transfusion of two units of packed RBC because of my severe anemia, and Filgrastim (to increase my WBC) because I had severe neutropenia. That night, I experienced NEAR-DEATH feeling. I was grasping for air and could hardly breathe, experiencing severe tachycardia and severe arrythmia and I thought I will not last through the night and it will be the end of the world for me. I lost my faith in GOD and started to curse HIM. Why in spite of my prayers, HE had forsaken me and instead of giving me relief, my condition turned from bad to worse. Why did HE abandon me and stood at a distance and didn’t come to my rescue.

The following day, Dec. 22, also JUST BEFORE LUNCH, all of a sudden and MIRACULOUSLY, all my symptoms just disappeared into the thin air. I was surprised but I trembled and felt guilty for what I said the night before. I thank GOD and at the same time I asked for forgiveness for not trusting and having faith in HIM. Matthew 21:22: “Whatever you ask in prayer, with FAITH, you shall receive.” And I was impatient for HIM to act on my prayer. Psalm 37-34: “Do not be impatient for the LORD to act. He will honor you, giving you the land (what you ask for). You will see the wicked destroyed.” HE proved to me that HE is always there to come to my rescue and HE was just testing my faith. Now, I BELIEVE. He is truly an amazing, loving, merciful and compassionate GOD. Have FAITH in HIM, open our hearts and invite HIM into our lives and accept JESUS as our LORD and Savior and HE will direct our path, HE will lighten our burden and we will never walk in darkness. Matthew 11:28-30: “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke fits perfectly, and the burden I give you is light.” In Jesus’ name. Praise the LORD. Hallelujah! Amen!

The 3rd MIRACLE: After the 4th and before my 5th chemo, I had a repeat PET scan and blood extraction the day before, prior to my appointment with my Oncologist. The following day, as I was waiting in his clinic and I was worried and praying hard about the outcome of my PET scan. When I was called in and looking at the scan result, he found out that the result showed all the previous hypermetabolic lesions from my previous scan have all disappeared. I was so happy and jumping out of joy, thanking and praising the LORD. I’m NOW CANCER-FREE after only 4 sessions of chemo and even my Oncologist was amazed by my speedy and full recovery. In Jesus name. Amen!

The 4th MIRACLE: Right on the dot, on the 1st day of the second week after my 5th chemo, I was, again, stricken with fever, cytotoxic-induced neutropenia and anemia and was hospitalized again for the 4th time. I stayed in the ER overnight where the doctors tried to stabilize my blood pressure, heart rate

and my atrial flutter and atrial fibrillations with IVF, vasoconstrictors, digitalis and anti-arrhythmic drugs. When I was brought to the room the following day, all my signs and symptoms disappeared and discharged on the 5th day as improved. In Jesus name. Amen!

I have been monitoring the effects of my post chemotherapy situation and true enough, right on the dot, every 1st day of the second week after my chemo, from the 2nd to the 5th rounds, I always have fever with severe cytotoxic-induced neutropenia and anemia leading to septic shock necessitating hospitalization. I was hospitalized 4 times and was in critical condition on two occasions (4th and 5th post chemo). (Read my blog – My Fight With Lymphoma-A Survivor: The Miracles)

Ten (10) days before the start of my 6th and last chemo, from Feb. 4 thereon, I started taking HemoHIM+, 2 sachets daily. Not only did I NOT have fever, cytotoxic-induced neutropenia and anemia, my blood sugar was stabilized, and I never had this fatigue and feeling-tired. Proving that HemoHIM+, indeed, boosted my immune system, gave me vigor and vitality, and stabilized my blood sugar and although it didn’t increase my WBC, RBC and platelet counts. I remained healthy with no untoward ill-effect. (Read my blog – At Last Another Advantage of HemoHIM+ Can Be Told)

This is an amazing personal anecdote and observation I have to share with everyone specially those who have cancers and undergoing chemotherapy and have diabetes as well.

HemoHIM+ – The Miracle Food Supplement

I will start with a brief introduction on HemoHIM+, a South Korean Health Food Supplement developed by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and SunBioTech. In a national research project supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Korea, the team has developed HemoHIM, a novel herbal composition for enhancing the immune system.

Immune deficiencies are often associated with a decrease immune cells, declining cell activity and oxidative stress. The aging population in particular is often susceptible to declining immune system. To combat this, the research team developed HemoHIM, prepared by a combination of three (3) edible herbs: Angelica Radix, Cnidium Rhizoma and Paeonia Radix. It was found out that HemoHIM is able to stimulate the development of red blood cells (RBC), activate immune cells, as well as promoting recovery of the immune system against oxidative stresses.

According to researcher Sung-Kee Jo, HemoHIM has been approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) as the first health functional food for immune system improvement. In a series of clinical studies conducted on CANCER patients, healthy volunteers and university students, HemoHIM has shown to improve recovery of white blood cells (WBC) increase interferon production and increase lymphocytes in patients.

HemoHIM+ is stands for Hemoglobin HAEMATOPOESIS IMMUNE MODULATION and the (+) means an upgraded version of the original HemoHIM.

The reason why I took HemoHIM+ for my stage 4b Lymhphoma is because I saw on the chart of their studies that HemoHIM+ is 17 times more effective on immune capacity than the famous “Ginseng steamed Red”, also known as Hong-Sam in Korea. Considering the fact that “Ginseng steamed Red” takes up 51% of the health product sold in Korea, and HemoHIM+ is 17 times more, is amazing.

True enough, after only 4 rounds of chemotherapy, I was cancer-free already as evidenced by PET scan. I never experienced any immediate or delayed side-effects during my chemotherapy, such as headache, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, stomach ache, indigestion, loss of appetite, extreme fatigue or mouth sores except for hair loss.

Furthermore, I was supposed to have my 6th and last chemo last February 5, 2013 but it was postponed for another week because my White Blood Cell (WBC) count dropped to +/- 2000, Hematocrit (Hct) down to 11 and Platelet count down to 120 K. In these situations, I usually get fever and feel severe fatigue but it never happened since I started taking my HemoHIM+, proving that it can help boost my immune system, it can help build up my WBC and RBC.

The active ingredients of HemoHIM+ are: Angelica Gigas Nakai, Cnidium Officinale Makino and Paeonia Japonica Miyabe and also many other ingredients such as honey, marine calcium, fructo-oligosaccharide, guar gum, alginate sodium, pantothenic acid as calcium pantothenate and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C. It contains only 20 calories, so no problem for people who are on diet.

Opening the sachet is easy. Just hold firmly on one end with one hand and use the other hand and pull the top notch all the way until it comes off, no scissors required.

awful and they can add either cold or hot water or juice to make it more pleasant to the taste.

I strongly recommend this product for:

Cancer patients.

Seniors needing more stamina.

People who are often fatigued and stressed-out.

Exhausted athletes.

Students preparing for exams requiring physical and mental stamina.

At Last, Another Advantage of HemoHim+ Can Be Told


By: Francisco C. Tang,MD a.k.a Huang Nung Yang,MD

I had DM (diabetes mellitus) since May of 2012 and my FBS (fasting blood sugar) ranged from 143-159. I started taking Glibudon (Metformin 500 mgs.) one tablet daily till Oct. 21, to twice daily from Oct. 22-31 when my FBS ranged from 162-173, to thrice daily from Nov. 1-13 when my FBS ranged from 174-200. Januvia (Sitagliptin 100 mgs.), one tablet daily was added to my regular thrice daily anti-DM medications.

I started my first chemotherapy on Oct. 8, and then Oct. 31, Nov. 22, Dec. 12, Jan. 8, as my 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th chemotherapy respectively. My FBS ranged from 134-214.

Two (2 weeks) before I started my 6th and last chemo, that was Feb. 1-3, 2013, my FBS ranged from 140-146.

From Feb. 4, thereon, I started taking HemoHIM+ , as well as my regular anti-DM medications and my FBS ranged from 129 to 126, in spite of heavy meals during the Chinese New Year’s Eve on Feb. 9.

Two days before my 6th and last chemo, that was Feb. 12, I stopped all my anti-DM medications and took only HemoHIM+ and my FBS ranged from 159 to 153.

On Feb. 14, I had my 6th and last chemo, and my FBS was 138. On the first day after my chemo, while on Prednisolone 75 mgs daily for five (5) days), that was Feb. 15-19, my FBS ranged from 204, 193, 195, 197 and 240, for 5 consecutive days so I restarted my anti-DM medications plus HemoHIM+. After my 5-day Prednisolone course was finished, my FBS started to drop to 186 on the following day, Feb. 20, so I stopped again my anti-DM medications, taking HemoHIM+ alone

Feb. 21, my FBS dropped to 147 with HemoHIM+ alone.

Feb. 22, my FBS was up 169 with HemoHIM+ alone.

Feb. 23, my FBS dropped again to 150 with HemoHIM+ alone.

Feb. 24, my FBS was up again 169 with HemoHIM+ alone.

Feb. 25, my FBS dropped to 148 with HemoHIM+ alone.

Feb. 26, my FBS dropped further again to 135 with HemoHIM+ alone

Feb. 27, my FBS was 132 with HemoHIM+ alone.

Feb. 28, my FBS was 140 with HemoHIM+ alone.


Date FBS Glibudon Januvia HemoHIM+

(Metformin) (Sitagliptin)

500 mgs. 100 mgs. 20 ml


Year 2012


5-10/21 143-159 1 tab. daily

10/22-31 162-173 2 tabs. daily

11/1-13 174-200 3 tabs. daily 1 tab. daily

10/8 } “ “ } 1st-

10/31} 134 “ “ } 2nd-

11/22} to “ “ } 3rd–à Chemo

12/12} 214 “ “ } 4th –

1/8 } “ “ } 5th-


Year 2013


2/1-3 140-146 “ “

2/4-11 126-129 3 tabs. daily 1 tab daily 2 sachets daily

2/12-13 153-159 (-) (-) 2 sachets daily

2/14 138 6th and last CHEMOTHERAPY 2 sachets daily

2/15 204 on Prednisolone 75 mgs daily 2 sachets daily

2/16 193 “ “ “ 2 sachets daily

2/17 195 “ “ “ 2 sachets daily

2/18 197 “ “ “ 2 sachets daily 2/19 240 3 tabs daily 1 tab daily 2 sachets daily

2/20 186 (-) (-) 2 sachets daily

2/21 147 (-) (-) 2 sachets daily

2/22 169 (-) (-) 2 sachets daily

2/23 150 (-) (-) 2 sachets daily

2/24 164 (-) (-) 2 sachets daily

2/25 148 (-) (-) 2 sachets daily

2/26 135 (-) (-) 2 sachets daily

2/27 132 (-) (-) 2 sachets daily

2/28 140 (-) (-) 2 sachets daily

CBC Results: Feb. 27, 2013: after my 6th and final chemo:

· RBC: 3.63 x10^6/ul (N.V.= 4.5-5.5);

· Hgb: 11.1 gm/dl (N.V.=14-18); Hct: 30.7 % (N.V.= 40-54);

· M.C.V.: 84.57 fl (N.V.= 80-100); M.C.H.: 30.58 pg (N.V.= 27-35);

M.C.H.C.: 36.16 g/dl (N.V.= 30-38)

· Platelets: 74.0 x 10^3/u (N.V.: 150-400)

· WBC: 2600 ul (N.V.: 5000-10,000)

· Nuetrophils: 59% Lymphocytes: 34% Monocytes: 7%

CBC Results: Feb. 14, 2013 – on the day of my last ands final chemo:

· Hgb: 10.8 gm/dl (N.V.: 14-18);

· WBC: 2690 (N.V.= 3900-10,390)

· Neutrophils: 34.9% (N.V.: 40-70%)

· Lymphocytes: 40.5%% (N.V.: 19-48%)

· Monocytes: 7.1% (N.V.: 3.4-9%)

· Platelets: 135 x10^3/ul (N.V.: 130-400)

After monitoring my FBS for almost one month, I can now conclude that HemoHIM+ taken ALONE can DECREASE my blood sugar without taking any anti-DM medications.

Another amazing observation about HemoHIM+ is this: I have been monitoring the effects of my post chemotherapy situation and true enough, right on the dot, every 1st day of the second week after my chemo, from the 2nd to the 5th rounds of my chemo, I always have fever with severe cytotoxic-induced neutropenia and anemia leading to septic shock necessitating hospitalization. I was hospitalized 4 times and was in critical condition on two occasions (4th and 5th post chemo). (Read my blog – My Fight With Lymphoma-A Survivor: The Miracles)

Ten (10) days before the start of my 6th and final chemo, from Feb. 4 thereon, I started taking HemoHIM+, 2 sachets daily. Not only did I NOT have fever, I didn’t not experienced fatigue and shortness of breath, which I often felt every 2nd week after my chemo. Proving that HemoHIM+ even taken ALONE, can keep me away from fever, can boost my immune system, can give me vigor and vitality, can stabilize my blood sugar, and although it didn’t increase my WBC, RBC, Hgb, Hct and platelet counts, I remained healthy and without any untoward ill-effects.

These are the amazing personal observations I have to share with everyone specially those who have cancers and undergoing chemotherapy and have diabetes as well. If it worked in me, I hope it will also worked in you. Try it! It is all natural.

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Sharing by member from New York,

The 19 year old young girl, got the fourth stage of Cervical Lymphoma.

Just only take Atomy HemoHIM,

On the sixth day, the tumor began to shrink.

I am greatly amazed at Hemohim’s

Hemohim can save a lot of people.



只吃艾多美 HemoHIM ,


大大赞叹 HemoHIM 当归蜜饮太神奇

HemoHIM 可以救很多人 ️️


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