“Atomy You Can Trust and Use,” A Key Phrase To Pursue Now and In The Future

Atomy’s aim of becoming “Atomy You Can Trust and Use” does not end with effort alone. It is proven by numbers that people can trust. Let’s take a look at sales, the primary barometer of corporate growth. Atomy, which recorded 25 billion KRW in sales in its first year in 2009, recorded more than 1.5 trillion KRW in global sales in 2019, a growth of 60 times in a decade. During those 10 years, there was not a single step backward in sales, and the return rate has been close to 0%, the highest being 0.41% back in 2009.
HemoHIM, Atomy’s top product, recorded 9 billion KRW in sales in 2009. Subsequently, its sales exceeded 100 billion KRW in 2014 and reached nearly 200 billion in 2019, surpassing the 1 trillion KRW mark in cumulative sales. Atomy Skincare 6 System, which has been renewed as “The Fame,” boasts cumulative sales of over 400 billion KRW, while both Atomy’s probiotics and toothpaste sales recorded over 200 billion KRW and toothbrush exceeded 100 billion KRW in sales.
The reason behind this wave of top-selling products is the members themselves who have faith in “Atomy You Can Trust and Use.” The number of members registered in Korea went from 58,000 in 2009 to 3.3 million in 2019. Global membership also continues to rise every year, exceeding 2.5 million last year. The members worldwide almost reaching 6 million in number are the very consumers who stand by “Atomy You Can Trust and Use.”
Atomy is a consumer-centered direct sales distribution company. With customer success as its management goal, we advocate distribution that benefits the consumers. The recent Consumer Centered Management (CCM) certification from the Korea Fair Trade Commission is also a recognition of such corporate practices. “Atomy You Can Trust and Use” is not just a slogan. What we need is a continuous effort like making a needle by grinding an ax. Putting the consumer at the center of all corporate activities and striving to become a distribution company that benefits consumers is the only path to becoming “Atomy You Can Trust and Use.”

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