Atomy Opportunity

Please remember that you are under no pressure to go beyond simply buying and using Atomy products for yourself, however it’s great to be aware of the great benefits you can have for free, right? 🙂

Atomy’s vision goes beyond customer(member) satisfaction. Success For All Atomy Members through a well-balanced, righteous and generous compensation plan!

Many of you probably wish to have extra residual income to have more balanced life and worry less about current finance and future after retirement, but at the same time it should be no risk to invest. As a mom of 3 kids, I felt the same.

When my friend introduced me to Atomy products, I was open-minded from the beginning when I learned that KAERI(Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute) was behind all the technologies of the products. Having a background of R&D researcher myself, and having worked in the DaeDeok Science Town in Korea where KAERI is located as well, I know how advance technology and good reputation from the world KAERI attains.

I used the products myself first, which gave me genuine confidence in them. Because I needed to buy these kind of daily necessity products anyway, like toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, skin care and so on, buying Atomy products did not cost extra, rather I found I was saving money by simply changing to Atomy. I was impressed that they were so good and at great price, so I introduced Atomy to my friends who introduced Atomy to their friends via word of mouth. This is how the business naturally starts and grows in Atomy.

That is Atomy’s benefits. Not only people can buy highest quality products at the lowest possible price but also in the process of sharing Atomy with others, a person can earn commissions and bonuses.

Since established in 2009, Atomy has about 2.5 million distributors currently.
For the first time in the MLM history, Atomy has won US$5m, US$10m and US$20m Top Exports Awards in 2011, 2013 and 2015 respectively. And this year, Atomy expects to win US$50m Top Exports Award. Since the founding of Atomy USA in 2010, Atomy has also been actively expanding its overseas offices in Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Mexico, Malaysia and Thailand.

Atomy India, Russia, Australia, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina are in pre-registration.

And this will be followed by opening of new offices in Indonesia, Vietnam, China, India, Southeast Asia and South America. Over the next 5 years, Atomy will open at 20 new countries!

Atomy’s overseas sales reached $750 million USD last year with hundreds of millions in commissions, bonuses and rewards being paid out to the members.

A lady, 63 years old, started 4 years ago, now making $11,000 USD/month. Amazing!
Atomy Commission

I’ve gained so much Joy through Atomy and that’s why I named this site AtomyJoy. I sincerely hope you will receive the same blessing I did.

Why you are bound to be successful with Atomy?

    • Atomy products are Absolutely high quality with absolutely low price. The products really work, helping for better skin and better health. In terms of prices, Atomy products are the lowest possible price and even beat out the big box stores, discount stores or internet shopping malls. With Atomy you feel good about the products you purchase & share with others.


    • No membership fee. Atomy’s marketing plan is unique because with Atomy, there is no membership fee, no auto-shipping, no auto-ordering, no starter-kits to buy, no website usage fee. No Obligations. You don’t even have to sell products. Simply join for free, buy products on the Atomy website and share with others.



    • Atomy has only 2 groups.(also called Binary downlines).
      You are not alone in building your group. Do you know 100 people that you can add under you? If so, that would be great. However most of us probably have 10 or likely less than 30 people to add. Some of you may only know a couple of people, but that’s enough with Atomy’s 2 groups system.
      You talk to your friend about Atomy and she joined, then she is in your group. She introduced Atomy to her work place and 20 people joined Atomy. Those 20 people are also in your group as well. Those 20 went out and told about Atomy to 300 people. Those 300 also are your group too. So we don’t know that we just talk to 2 people about Atomy, then those 2 could bring 3000…. like a compounding interest in the bank. Also you and your group people work together to build group. Because a member can only have two people in their front line, any referred member must be put to the next available position. For example, A added B and C. Then A have D to add. Because A has only 2 up-front position available, A will add D under B or C. Let’s say A added D under B. Now you see that D is A’s group, but also B’s group. B gets a new member(D) in his group that he did not add himself. Also, when B has E to add, B would add E under D. Now E is in A’s group, in B’s group and in D’s group from each one’s perspective, and A and D have a new member to their groups that they did not add. That is how people from a group you are in either above or below you add people to your group and build the group together.With Atomy’s 2 groups system, even someone with less-than-average marketing skills has the potential to succeed. We help each other to grow and to succeed and go forward together. You are not alone.


    • As our group AtomyJoy member, you can take advantage of using this website to introduce Atomy to people. 
      Tell them your name or your member id. So when they join Atomy through this website, they can put you as a referral. Then we will provide a sponsor ID that is under your group. That way we can help you grow your groups as we hoped to when we made this website first.


    • No matter how many downline people you may have in your group, every PV of those people is treated the same(100% your group PV). For example, 2nd downline person in your left group purchased HemoHim(100kPV) and 1000th downline person in your left group purchased HemoHim(100kPV). Then your left group PV is 200kPV.


    • Currently Atomy is in Korea, Japan, US, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippine, Mexico, Malaysia and Thailand. Atomy India, Russia, Australia, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina are in pre-registration. Atomy Indonesia, Vietnam, China, India, Australia, Russia, Europe, South America are waiting to open. If you or any of your group people has a contact in those countries what have the Atomy branch or in those prospective countries, you can have a global business right away. A purchase made from any person from any country in your group accumulates the same points. For example you are in Canada, and your 1000th downline in your right group is in Taiwan and then that person bought Hemohim which is 100kPV, then that 100kPV is your right group PV.
      What a great opportunity to have a global business without cash! With Atomy, one membership ID for the entire world.


    • Your personal PV will be kept accumulated for lifetime of your membership.
      You don’t have to start all over again every couple of months and buy things you don’t need to receive commission. Your personal PV will be kept accumulated for lifetime of your membership. That is why there is no auto-ordering or auto-shipping in Atomy. You simply buy when you want to buy and what you want to buy. And enjoy your point kept accumulated. To keep your membership active, buy just one product for a year that has PV under your own membership id no matter how much it is, like a box of 8 toothbrushes $9, and you are good for another full year.Your group PVs also keep accumulated until you receive commission. So there is nothing you lose with Atomy. Using best quality products with best pricing, earning income for consuming the products you use everyday.:)


    • It generates a very good residual income that can last a life time and beyond because you can pass your Atomy account down as an inheritance up to 3 generations. Even after you stop working this business it can still keep on generating an income for you.


    • Atomy gives 70% of entire sales PV to its members which is unheard of in the industry.  The industry average is only about 40%. And here in Atomy, lower level get more percentage of the commission. Also because Atomy has no downline limit, all members will meet together at income ceiling. (Equal opportunity, Equal blessing) (see the diagram below)

Atomy Commission Structure. Atomy pays 70% back.

There are 4 ways to make money in Atomy. (These 4 ways of earning can happen simultaneously)

(Every Atomy Product has Point Value, called PV)

1. General Commission(Daily Commissions) : 44% of entire sales PV will be distributed between qualified members every week. Please refer above chart that gives the complete commission structure.
Points start to accumulate under your left and right group when you have accumulated 10K personal PV or more. Your groups can have unlimited number of people from any country that Atomy is in. Currently Atomy is in Korea, Japan, US, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippine, Mexico and Malaysia. And more countries are waiting to open. So when you sign up, be sure you purchase at least 10k of products, which will be about $30 USD. Then when your right group accumulated PV is 300K and your left group accumulated PV is 300K, your score is 5, which is about $24 USD commission. But really why make only $24 USD when you can make about $70 USD with a small purchase of everyday products you will use. So the main first goal is to first reach 300k personal PV which isn’t difficult. Commissions are daily.Your group PVs will be redeemed after you receive commission, but your person PV remains.


Let’s say today your personal PV is 300K and your right group accumulated PV is 300K and your left group accumulated PV is 300K. Your commission for today is $70 USD. The next day, your personal PV is still 300K even though you did not buy anything that day, and if the smallest PV of your groups becomes 300K, you will receive another $70 USD commission for that day as well. If your group PV is not enough for the commission yet, it keeps accumulated until you receive commission (Unlimited Accumulation from Group PV). Each day commission will be paid every Tuesday.
As your score grows bigger, your daily commission grows until you meet incoming ceiling.

For Equal Opportunity and Equal Blessing with Atomy, there is incoming ceiling. When personal PV reaches 2.4M and your right and left group PV reach 50M PV, which is a score of 300, that is income ceiling, $1380 commissions for that day alone. Even if your personal PV and group PVs go over that, $1380/day is the maximum commission you can get. But can you imagine $1380 a day? Yes, every member can meet at this income ceiling at some point. (Equal opportunity, Equal blessing)
(Yes, people are actually at this maximum general income level in Korea already. Korea has a population of 50 million people and as of 2014 2 million of them are Atomy members. In 2014 Atomy did $500 million in sales in Korea alone and there are only 200,000 members outside of Korea.)

2. Mastership Promotion & Incentives
There are 7 mastership in Atomy. Once you reach a certain mastership, there is one time promotional incentive to celebrate it.

  • Sales Master(Your personal PV 700K ~ 1.5m and a minimum of 2.5m Group PV under each leg.) – Atomy Skin Care 6 System 1 set, HemoHIM+ 1 set, Atomy Evening Care 1 set
  • Diamond Master(When you have 2 Sales Masters under each leg) – Laptop Computer, Atomy Skin Care 6 System 1 set, HemoHIM+ 1 set, Atomy Evening Care 1 set
  • Sharon Rose Master(When you have 2 Diamond Masters under each leg) – $2,000 Cash, 2 Travel Tickets
  • Star Master(When you have 2 Sharon Rose Master under each leg) – $10,000 Cash, 4 Travel Tickets
  • Royal Master – $50,000 Cash, $2,000 Credit per month, Car rental, 4 Travel Tickets to Europe(10 nights and 11 days)
  • Crown Master – $300,000 Cash, $5,000 Credit per month, a Luxury car, 4 Travel Tickets to Europe(10 nights and 11 days)
  • Imperial Master – $1 Million Cash, $10,000 Credit per month, a Luxury car, an Office of Approx. 1700 sq. with a Personal Assistant, a Driver, 4 Travel Tickets to Europe(10 nights and 11 days)

3. Masters’ Bonus twice a month: 20% of entire sales PV will be distributed according to mastership.

4. Education Commission (Center Commission)
After becoming a “Sales Master,” you may choose to open up your own Atomy Center in your own location to instruct new members. Atomy Center owners receive 6% of total PV to cover operational expenses.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Remember there is no joining fee, no monthly purchase of products and you just buy the products at discounted prices when you need them.  So come and join us and let’s get started on your future success!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate, just contact us. We are here to help you.