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What is Ethereal Oil patch from Atomy?
It is like a normal patch but it have those smell like essential oil. Very soothing and calming smell and I immediately love this patch. This patch comes with 5 pieces in 1 pack and you can cut the patch according to the area that you need to apply.
For an example, if you are having headache, just cut 2 small pieces and paste it on your both side of forehead. This patch also benefited those who are having cough, sore throat and flu too. For cough, paste it at the upper chest and neck area for sore throat. I have tried to patch it at my nose bridge too as I am having nose block recently. Wow, I feel so relieved after the patch.
For backache, it is simple. I cut 1 patch to 2 pieces and paste it on my both side of the back. Each application is lasted for 4-6 hours and you can use it 1-3 times per day.
If your children is having cough and flu, you can try this patch on them too as it is not a medicated patch, therefore it is safe to use even on children. It does not contain any western medication in it. It is solely pure plant extract in it. So, feel free to patch with Atomy.
Ethereal Oil Patch can be used for:-

  Migraine: Paste on the back of ears.

  Headache: Paste on the back of neck.

✔️Sore throat: Cut half or entire piece and paste it on the throat area.

Paste it on the centre of the belly

  Dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain)
Paste it below the abdomen

  Knee Pain:
Front and back of the knee

  improves sleep quality:
Paste on the foot.

  stiff neck, high blood pressure, refreshing:
Paste it on the back of the neck.

  spine pain or backache
Paste at the back longitudinal

So many ways to use this Ethereal Oil Patch right? So, will it be expansive? No, this patch is not expansive at all. Besides that, I am sure this patch is so much cheaper than any patch you can get outside, yah. 1 pack contains of 5 pieces of oil patch only cost RM14!!!!! 1 piece only cost RM2 plus.
How to purchase? 
First, you need to join as Atomy member with us before you get to purchase it with member price. Just buzz us and we will contact you soon for the registration of membership. There is no minimal purchase or membership fee charged into your account. It is FREE to join and you can also earn some commission too (USD).


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