Atomy Deep Cleanser

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Atomy Deep Cleanser💦

Removes Makeup & Cleans pores! Dissolve makeup and impurities while moisturizing your skin with pleasantly soft feeling.

🌀Firm Skin – Ginseng extract and ginkgo extract keep dull skin looking hydrated and firm.

🌀Clear Skin Tone – Green tea extract helps your skin look clean and clear.

🌀Glossy Skin – Carrot extractand tocopherol acetate help retain skin elasticity and nutrition and add a healthy glow to your skin.

STEP1️⃣ Promotion of skin circulation. After applying deep cleansing cream, massage softy to promote blood circulation.


STEP2️⃣ Skin clearing. When the epidermal layer is relaxed, moisture and nutrients are absorbed into the skin. Giving skin vitality and firmness.

🔹Face wash🔹

STEP3️⃣ Softening effect. This regenerates skin barriers and makes skin moist and glossy.


Massage a small amount onto dry face to remove makeup and impurities. Cleanse and rinse off with tissue or tepid water. *Follow with Atomy Foam Cleanser.