Let the photos speak for how wonderful our HEMOHIM product is💯👌.

Let the photos speak for how wonderful our #HEMOHIM product is💯👌.

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Functional food HemoHIM has the ability to attack and kill cancer cells, which is 80 times more potent than other similar products. It could be considered a miracle supplement to improve immunity. It is 40 times more potent than ginseng, Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi Mushroom), fungi, and mushrooms.

HemoHIM destroys pathogenic microorganisms, improves undesirable immune response, cleans up toxins in the blood, improves the immune system to supplement the results of cancer prevention and treatment.

HemoHIM is a national project that received 5 patents in Korea, and other patents in North America, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, Italy. It has also won international recognition in other countries and is known as “AstroFood -Food in Space”.

☘📷 The Function of HemoHIM:

For cancer patients: Enhance immunity, alleviate the side effects of cancer treatment, anti-cancer supplement.

To common people: Alleviate fatigue, strengthen immunity, hematopoiesis, antioxidation. How do we take this powerful drink, HemoHIM?

✔ ️Healthy person: 1-2 packs/day, others who look for help to rebuild their body: more than 3 packs/day.

Recommended morning and noon with an empty stomach, before bedtime too. Who needs HemoHIM:

✔ ️Women in menopause

✔ ️Workers who frequently work overtime

✔ ️Sufferers of asthenia and diseases: those who require an adjustment of their whole physique

✔ ️Sufferers of constant physical fatigue

✔ ️Those who are tired from long hours of driving

✔ ️Athletes who constantly demand physical stamina

✔ ️Students preparing for exams and schoolwork

✔ ️Sufferers of cold hands and feet.

Recommended Dosage for Different Conditions:

✔ ️Cold: People who are troubled by cold symptoms frequently should take 3 sachets daily. About 7-10 days will do. Colds that last for more than a month indicate that the immune system is very weak. The recommended dosage is 3 sachets daily to rebuild the body system.

✔Arthritis: 3 sachets a day; continue for 4-5 months for best results.

✔Diabetes: 3 sachets daily; measure your blood sugar every 10 days and record your blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels will rise briefly and then gradually drops until they return to normal.

✔ ️Weight loss: 3 sachets a day, reduce consumption of rice or other carbs to half (a bowl), add some carrot, cucumber, banana, with rice to enhance satiety feeling. Continuously taking for 6 months will result in a significant weight loss effect.

✔ ️Constipation: People with serious constipation should take 4 sachets every day could obtain good results after a week.

✔ ️Anemia: Those who suffer headaches from Anemia should take 3 sachets every day, continue for 6 months to rebuild the system.

✔ ️Insomnia: 2 sachets daily for at least 1 month.

✔ ️Numbness of hands and feet: 3 sachets daily for 3-4 months.

✔ ️Dry Eye: 2 sachets daily, keep taking for 3 months and your eyes should become moist and comfortable.

✔ ️Shoulder pain: Those with serious shoulder pain should take 3 sachets daily for at least 3 months.

✔ ️Chronic fatigue: 2 sachets daily (3 in severe cases) and stick to it for 10 days, and you would feel a noticeable reduction in fatigue.

✔ ️Lumbago: 2 sachets daily for 3 months could relieve ache effectively.

✔Physical recuperation/postpartum rest after childbirth: Traditional nutritious supplement for new mothers could be very fatty. In order to rebuild the system after childbirth, Hemohim is a healthier option. 3 packs a day will provide the nutrients needed and it is quicker and easier than making stewed chicken soup. It is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers but can be taken with care.

✔ ️Irregular or uncomfortable mensuration: taking HemoHIM before menstruation could relieve menstruation ache. Women with the usual heavy flow should stop taking Hemohim during the period and resume after the menstruation cycle. Women with the light flow can continue to use since HemoHIM could help to improve the flow of menstruation blood.

✔ ️Dialysis for kidney patients: having dialysis three times weekly could cause the patient fatigue. HemoHIM could replenish energy and making both red and white blood cells, best for kidney patients!

✔ ️CANCER: patients undergoing cancer treatment tend to lose weight and energy during treatment because they are unable to eat and have severe vomiting. Persistently taking 5-8 sachets of HemoHIM daily, it will promote appetite and eliminate nausea and vomiting.

In addition, HemoHIM can greatly enhance immunity against cancer. ​If the initial response to the improvement is too strong, the dosage can be appropriately reduced and then gradually increased.

It is advisable to take Atomy’s Hongsamdan together with HemoHIM.

This is a “POWERHOUSE” combination because HemoHIM is for hematopoiesis (generation of blood), and Hongsamdan (red ginseng) is for replenishing Qi (internal energy). ​When both are taking together will greatly improve our immunity. Live a BETTER life with absolute products at absolutely reasonable, affordable prices.