HemoHIM – True Story Sharing

This is a true story:

I am Leny Acosta. Last July 22, 2017 up to Sept. 25, 2017 I experience a 2 months straight menstrual period.. I was so shocked and afraid. So, I visit an ob gyne. She give me a medicine to take for 10 days but my period didn’t stop.. I was so afraid coz its not red blood anymore that come out its already white blood.. My hemoglobin was down and my rbc also.

A friend told me take Hemohim. So I try it. I am thankful to my friend who introduce to me the best supplement that helps boost my Hemoglobin and make my rbc back to normal again. And most of all my menstrual period backs to normal also.

And most of all thanks to our Lord God for making Hemohim an instrument..