This is the Answer by Dr. Kim Seung Hak (Expert Doctor of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 16 years) ::

The Saudi Royal Family is certainly not just any family Doctor, because they can Hire the best doctors from anywhere with their Wealth. And Dr. Kim Seung Hak, an expert in Oriental Medicine, was Trusted for 16 years, to treat 2 Kings.
And he is now in the #ATOMY Community.

Now back to the question, Dr. Kim, only answers with an example ::

Why do people with the same #HIV Virus survive 2-3 months, but some survive 20-30 years, While the Virus is the Same!?

So… a person’s Immune condition against a disease is not the same. So the reaction against disease certainly will not be the same for Everyone Depending on how much defence has been prepared.

Colds, Coughs, Fever occur because of Decreased Body Immunity, so it needs to given intake of whether it is Drugs/Herbs etc. so that the body is strong again against viruses & bacteria…

1001 influencing factors, lifestyle, diet, work patterns and other patterns all have an influence on body health.

And the important science conveyed by him that everyday the body produces 2000-5000 #Cancer Cells and that can be killed by White Blood is only 10-20%, the rest settles in the body.
That’s why special intake is needed that can help white blood kill cells and harmful bacteria in the body.
Based on Clinical Trials #KAERI#HimoHIM can help up to 60%….

HemoHIM may not (suddenly) be made to ne an MLM commodity. But at the urging of 3000 Korean Nuclear Experts who are threatened every day by the danger of nuclear #radiation. So that the Government makes an Antidote to fight with dangers of radiation that threatens them every second.

Finally, the Korean government formed a special team of 15 Experts assisted by 30 staffs and the government gave a 10 years grace period for this team to complete its task. If past 10 years, then this project was considered a failure. After helter-skelter day & night for 8 years, the team finally succeeded in completing the task given by the government.
That is what we are familiar with HemoHIM, a kind of liquid herbal that only lives or mixed with warm water.

And in the early stages HemoHIM is specially for consumption by Korean nuclear workers alone not for Commercial use. Some are tickling, why isn’t this team making necklace or antidotes to other types of talismans.
How come I worked 8 years & spent $5 million just to make 1 type of herbal medicine.

To survive from enemies is not enough just to build a high fortress but the army in the fort must also be tough if at any time the fortress breaks down….

Strengthen the body’s defences, so it is not easily attacked by any virus & disease..