Atomy’s Absolute Selective Skincare Wins Jang Young-shil Award

The technology used in Atomy’s premium skin care product line Absolute Selective Skincare has been acknowledged as the pioneering new technology of this era.

On the 24th, Atomy announced that all products of the Absolute Selective Skincare product line have received the 92nd IR52 Jang Young-shil Award. 

The specialized delivery technology, used in the Absolute Selective Skincare line, has been recognized for its skin-improving capabilities and therefore has obtained a patent from the Korean Intellectual Property Office. It has applied for an international patent via Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) System as well as a Chinese patent. This technology helps active ingredients target and find damaged skin cells and be absorbed quickly and accurately. The two technologies were applied: the Cosmetic Drug Delivery System (DDS), which safely combines anti-aging and brightening ingredients in a way that mimics actual skin, and the Pharmaceutical DDS, which ensures the agents to stably and accurately reach the damaged skin cells. It has gone beyond stably combining active ingredients to further allow each functional ingredient to be transmitted more efficiently to target cells to maximize skin improvement effects. 

Atomy’s Absolute Selective Skincare consists of six products, the toner, ampoule, serum, lotion, eye complex, and nutrition cream. This product line is Atomy’s flagship skincare line that has reached a domestic sales of 300 billion KRW since its launch in September 2017 and is sold worldwide in 13 countries.

An associate from Atomy said, “We strived to find a way to develop a product that can lead the market. The partnership with Kolmar Korea, which has unrivaled technology, has helped us to develop a highly functional skincare product.”

The IR52 Jang Young-shil Award is named after Jang Young-shil, one of the greatest scientists during the Josun dynasty. It is awarded weekly to products with outstanding new technology. This is the second Jang Young-shil award that Atomy won since 2012 when Atomy received it for its Atomy Essence, which was developed based on the selectively concentrated nano-capsule technology that uses human lipids as well as the cosmetic manufacturing technology using the capsule.