Atomy Forms a Technology Partnership with a VFX Company

Atomy aims utilization of XR contents with MOFAC, a renowned visual effects company  

Atomy and MOFAC, a visual effects company, join hands for a strategic technology partnership. On August 5th, Atomy signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with MOFAC in the Atomy Park, its headquarters in Gongju-si. With Seong-Ho Jang, the CEO of MOFAC, present, Han-Gill Park, the Chairman of Atomy, remarked, “I am thrilled to work with one of the world’s best visual effects technicians. Atomy will suggest the new normal of direct selling in the ‘untact’ era with MOFAC.”  

Atomy is establishing a new standard of “on-tact” business as it brought the Success Academy, the company’s signature offline event, to online streaming. Atomy is also developing extended reality (XR) contents, including augmented reality and mixed reality materials, which can be used in on-tact business. Lino Park, head of the Atomy Entertainment & Multimedia department, said, “This is the first attempt to commercialize XR technology. The next phase of direct selling will be entertaining and enjoyable.”   

Through this partnership, Atomy and MOFAC will lead the commercialization of the XR contents and drive the Korean wave in this market. And Atomy is expected to be a pioneer of the direct selling industry in the new ‘untact’ world that pushes the limits of direct selling business.