Change of the Country to Which the Overseas Member Belongs

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Change of the Country to Which the Overseas Member Belongs

1. Eligibility for the change of nationality of members

1)   Chinese nationality over 22 years of age, and the identity should be a dealer registered on a visa such as overseas permanent residence(Investment, immigration, marriage, employment).

*members registered through tourism and other short-term visas cannot be converted

2)The applicant is a legally registered limited liability company, partnership, sole proprietorship enterprise or individual business in China (hereinafter referred to as the “applicant”).

3)The partnership, operator or person in charge of the company or organization of the applicant shall not be full-time students, teachers, medical workers, public servants, military personnel in active service, persons with no capacity for civil conduct or restricted capacity for civil conduct, and shall not be Atomy’s regular employees and their immediate family members, overseas personnel (including people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), members of any cult or illegal organization prohibited by the Chinese government, and persons who are prohibited by law or administrative regulations from engaging in part-time jobs.

4)The applicant shall apply for a business license and shall not use the same or similar words with the name of the company, and shall not use the same or similar words with the registered trademark or products of the company.

5)The business scope should contain the words “Consulting Service”. Other relevant qualifications and certificates required by local market supervision authorities.

6)Before applying for change of membership, the applicant shall have a business license that meets the requirements of the company and a domestic bank account in China. Otherwise, Service center bonus cannot be paid. Business license and bank account requirements, please refer to the dealer application method.

2.Non-convertible Identity:

1)Overseas consumer members.

2)Dealer members registered in the name of another person.

3)Overseas dealers who fail to submit the information supplement of Mainland China identity within the prescribed time.

4) The identity incapable of meeting the qualifications of a Chinese dealer.

5) Where there is a punishment record within one year before the application for conversion is submitted.

3.Required Documents(Download Address:/

Please carefully read the attached “instructions to dealers” and “business rules for dealers” and submit the following material:

If you are applying for the change of husband and wife account, please download the application form at the above address and submit it together with the operator conversion information.

Members applying for service center should send information separately to:

1)Front and back photos of Chinese second-generation ID card.

2)Business license photo.

3)Bank information photo.

4)Application form for《membership conversion of overseas Chinese operators》.

5)Photos of the signed dealer commitment.

6)Photo of application for《husband and wife account》.(It can be filled in if necessary)

7)Photo of commitment for《change of main and vice members》.(It can be filled in if necessary)

4.Membership conversion application process:

First Phase Application:

 TimeDetailed Process
Application AcceptanceApril 24th – May 15th①    Please send the application material to,the email name should include “name + member number + country or region + identity conversion”. If you do not apply according to this requirement, you may not be able to apply.②    To apply for service center, please consult senior leaders club members and ask for relevant documents, send to
Eligibility AuditMay 16th – until online shopping mall openDetermine the qualification of the applicant, call to inform the audit results (3-5 working days). Sign the dealer contract after passing.
Membership ConversionAfter online shopping all open(Specific date to be determined)We will call you after the identity conversion is completed, the overseas number becomes invalid and a new number is generated. This number can only be purchased on the China Atomy official website or app, and cannot be purchased on the Atomy overseas website.Senior marketing manager and above shall be communicated and determined by the company separately.

Second Phase Application:

Due to the impact of the epidemic, many people could not go back to China to apply for business licenses and other application materials. The company decided to open the second phase of membership conversion application for overseas Chinese operators after the epidemic ended, and the specific time shall be subject to the official announcement of the company.


1)The applicant should abide by Chinese laws and regulations and related regulations of Atomy China on dealers.

2) If the applicant is the Head of Center overseas, it shall give up the identity of the Head of Center; When applying for service center in China, you will resubmit your application, and waiting for review.

3) If the applicant applies for the service center, he / she can submit the application information of the service center at the same time.

4) After the conversion is completed, its ranking and market relationship remain the same, but it cannot be converted to membership of other countries or regions.

5) Some Chinese who have emigrated or have been naturalized in other countries have registered as overseas members of Atomy. If they repeat registration after opening in China with its Chinese ID card, they will be permanently deprived of their Chinese and overseas membership.


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