Atomy Skin Care 6 System

Product Overview

By using 3 major advanced technologies, Atomy Skin Care 6 System were able to put beneficial ingredients that are 500 times more effective than regular cosmetics.

Plus Korean medicine fermentation biotechnology and multiple nano capsule technology which was praised as the world best technology and won an award in the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Science Affair in Italy as well as Jang-Young-Sil Award, which is one of the highest award given Korean make this skin care products absorb so well into your skin. You will be surprised by your skin’s lasting clarity and radiance! Enjoy this popularized luxury product minus the price bubble.

Key Features

  • Fresh Organic Herb Tea
  • High Purification Technology
  • Fermentation Biotechnology
  • Multiple Nano Capsule Technology

What is in the box?

  • 1 x Atomy Toner [135ml] : trouble care
  • 1 x Atomy BB Cream [40ml]
  • 1 x Atomy Eye Cream [33ml]
  • 1 x Atomy Nutrition  Cream [50ml] 
  • 1 x Atomy Essence [50ml]
  • 1 x Atomy Lotion [135ml]