Atomy Toothpaste

What is propolis?According to scientists, more than 80,000 species of organisms in the insect world,
The only species that has no plague is the bee.
This is directly related to the fact that honeybees use resin to construct and repair the honeycomb.Science has confirmed that bacteria cannot be cultivated in the hive.
The sterility in the hive is better than the operating room in the hospital.
Even in the dark and humid moldy forest,
Honey can also be safely stored in the hive for bees to eat.The Compendium of Materia Medica mentions that propolis has the function of inhibiting toothache.
Since the Ming Dynasty, China has had literature on propolis anti-inflammatory.Propolis is a natural interdental filling and enamel hardener.
Its antibacterial ingredients for bacterial infection, prevention of tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis,
Plaque has a certain bactericidal effect.
Commercially available toothpastes are fat-soluble, difficult to break down, and extracted with alcohol to have a pungent sensation.Atomy Propolis Toothpaste is a water-soluble toothpaste that is particularly fresh and comfortable to use.
Passed the US FDA Food and Drug Administration certification, technical patent registration number 0519720.For the health of the whole family, please use the toothpaste that you use every day.
Change to Atomy propolis toothpaste made of natural propolis!