SunBioTech Business

KolmarBNH Research Institute is avid in R&D efforts to development and commercialize superior functional ingredients by exploring the phytochemical efficacies of Oriental medicinal ingredients and natural plants, evaluating their safety and functionality, and developing various functional food and cosmetic products in various forms.
Our current staple products, such as HemoHim, skincare 6 system, and AC solution, are the result of such R&D effort.2This technology enhances colors of the natural extracts while maintaining their biological activities, using nuclear technology. The color-enhanced natural extracts with residual pesticide, microbes and other foreign substances removed can be widely applied in food, medicine and cosmetics.1

Oriental fermentation technology

This technology has cordyceps and brown glutinous rice undergo solid state fermentation with Sanghwang mushroom hypha and their extracts are used as cosmetic ingredients. A technology that uses fermentation process to break down the active ingredients for a better skin absorption, create amino acids for the skin, delicately and effectively break down dead skin cells, and improve skin-affinity and absorption.


Development of cosmetics using developed ingredient manufacturing technology.