The power to wake up exhausted immunocyte! Atomy HemoHIM!

The power to wake up exhausted immunocyte! Atomy HemoHIM!

HemoHIM and Korean angelica root compound may help improve your immune system

HemoHIM and Korean angelica root compound certified for its safety and functionality is a health functional food individually approved by MFDS that may help your immune system.

Product Characteristics / Development

  • Korean angelica root

  • White woodland peony

  • Cnidium officinale Makino

Patented in Korea, US and 3 European countries, its efficacy is already recognized by many.

Made of Korean angelica root, Cnidium officinale Makino, white woodland peony and more cultivated in Korea, the HemoHIM and Korean angelica root compound is a composite plant compound recombined and reconstituted by the Food Engineering Team at KAERI.

Human-tested to verify its safety and functionality and individually approved by MFDS, HemoHIM and Korean angelica root compound is a health functional food ingredient that may help improve your immune system.

Development of Atomy HemoHIM

Developed by R&D and technology exchange from the Food Biotechnology Team at Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

Developed “Atomy HemoHIM”, a new substance that may help improve immune functions

Immune function enhancing effect approved through numerous tests!!

Human panel testing

A human panel test was conducted on 53 subjects whose white blood cell level was below 5,000/ul to take the HemoHIM and Korean angelica root compound. It was confirmed that their NK cells and immunocytes were activated and they produced more cytokine.

* The results of human panel test may vary individually.

Immune function improvement

Product Description

Product name Atomy HemoHIM
Capacity 20ml x 60 pouches (1,200ml)
Food type Individually approved health functional food
Storage Store in dry and cool area away from direct sunlight. Sterilized but immediately consume after opening.
R&D Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Manufacturer KolmarBNH Sun BioTech Business (SBT)
How to take Twice daily, 1 pouch (20ml), 60 pouches
Precaution Atomy HemoHIM
Cnidium officinale Makino and white woodland peony may cause fever or allergic reaction.
Not suitable for children under 6 years of age.
Pregnant or breastfeeding women or those with dysmenorrhea or hemorrhagic disorder must consult with a doctor prior to intake.
Those allergic to the ingredient must call our customer center prior to intake.
Do not consume if expired.
In the event of an allergic reaction, stop consumption and call the store or manufacturer.
This is not a medicinal product. It is a health functional food to help improve your immune system.
This is not a medicine for preventing or treating diseases. It is a health functional food.
If you are undergoing medical treatment or under prescription, consult a doctor before using this product.
Solids pay precipitate. Shake pouch well prior to intake.
Caution – pouch may cut your finger when opening and contents may spatter.
To warm it, pour the content in a container.
Good for Elders who need improved immunity
Highly active athletes
Students under stress
Office workers with frequent overtime works
Housewives with work stress

What is immunity?

The balanced state of adequate biological defenses to fight infection, disease and other biological invasion by viruses or bacteria.
It is the function to prevent harmful germs from entering our body.

Immune Function

What is an undesirable immunity?
An immune system that lacks adequate tolerance to avoid allergy.

How do health functional foods for immune system help us?
They favorably regulate or improve immunocytes, accelerate functions that find and remove harmful foreign substances or abnormally deformed cells, and enhance immune system.

What deters maintaining of a good immune function?
Environmental contaminant, stress, instant food, food with trans-fat, cigarettes and alcohol.

What is a healthy immune system?
Naturally carry out the functions that identify and remove harmful substances that entered our body or abnormal cells.