3 Key Technologies used in Atomy Skin Care Products

1. High Purification Technology

First, Atomy skin care products use fresh organic herbs instead of dry ones which others usually use. Kolmar BNH(STB)’s cutting-edge technology extracts only the active ingredients from fresh herbs immediately after harvesting. On top of that, by using high purification technology(patented) to refine and purify ingredients, Atomy was able to take color, odor, toxin and impurity out, which enabled them to put in 500 times more beneficial ingredients. Yes! You can enjoy 500 times more beneficial ingredients in your skin. No wonder why they function so well!!

2. Fermentation Biotechnology

Fermentation uses microbial enzymes to break down particles of active ingredients into nano-sized particles to make them absorb well into skin. Enzymes also degrade black head, dead skin cells, and wastes softly and effectively.

Vegetable worm

    • (

Paecilomyces Japonica, 冬蟲夏草)

    •  : Nutrition to skin. Rich in amino acid for healthy skin.

Brown rice

    •  : Total nutrition Rich in polysaccharide, minerals and vitamins.

Oriental mushroom

    • (

Phellinus linteus, 桑黃)

    : Vitality and health to your skin. Best mushroom for skin health.


3. Multiple Nano Capsule Technology

  1. The space between your pores is 100~120 nm. Others so called nano particle cosmetics, let alone general products, the size of their particles are 200~300 nm, 2 times larger than the size of your pores. Would it be sufficient to be absorbed? NO!
  2. Atomy nanoparticles are 30-50nm(1/3 size of pore) => Atomy natural ingredients penetrate to 5th layers of skin. Plus, Atomy Time Release Technology keeps functionality all day long, wow!
  3. Praised as the world best technology and Won an award in the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Science Affair in Italy
  4. Won the Jang-Young Sil-Award, which is one of the highest award given in Korea for innovation by the Minister of Education, Science and Technology.buy-nowfree