Which Atomy Skincare good for oily skin?

May 18, 2017

Hanny Gouw, Carmen Chan, Deborah Kim

Hanny Gouw:

Hi all, i have a question, which product of Atomy good for oily skin?

Carmen Chan:

For oily skin I will recommended AC Care set. They are very light but moisturise and citrus fragrance make u very refreshing. I’m using that kit too..

Hanny Gouw:

Okay thank you Carmen, my friend said her skin is oily so she is worry if she try the evening care and skin care can make more acne.

Carmen Chan:

Evening care must be use as it’s a cleansing set, it’s important to clean especially for oily or acne skin.

The peeling mask from the the evening set also very good for acne and oily skin. As it soothe and calm the skin a lot.

Deborah Kim:

One of my member said, 4 evening Skin Care set gives her no more oily skin. At that time She was taking antibiotics for her acne.

I strongly recommend 4set.

It is the best skin care products I ever met. AC care will gives her faster effect.