HemoHIM Testimony sharing!


March 23, 2017

Huan Pham

Lily (High Blood sugar):

After taking Hemohim for 6 months, my blood sugar level drops to only 6.3 from unacceptable level of 8.9. It is amazing that I restores my health with Hemohim.

Steven (High blood pressure & Uric acid):

I have high blood pressure and high urine acid problem for long years. After having HemoHim for a month plus. My body checkup result showed my blood pressure and urine acid level back to normal. I love HemoHim.

Rinita (Arthritis):

I have bone on bone arthritis in my knees. I could not walk up or down stairs. After using HEMOHIM for three weeks I am now able to squat and take the stairs without much pain. It is a fantastic product for me!

Uncle Aw (Neck swelling):

I was having a neck swelling and redness for long time, I was told that it was due to highly heaty body of mine. So, I tried to eat and drink something to cold my body down, unfortunely my legs has no strengths due to overcolding. My newphew saw my situation and gave me some Hemohim for free. I was unwilling to take it as hemohim is a heaty product, but just tried it without choice because my problem was still there. After taking 2packs daily for 4 days, surprisingly, my neck swelling and redness is gone.

Hock Siong (Shoulder pain):

I was used to suffering shoulder pain after my trip. When i went to see doctor, doctor just prescribed me painkiller to relieve pain. I dont like to eat painkiller, so I went to see Chinese doctor for cure. They do acupuncture on my shoulder but still could not get well totally. After taking HemoHim 2packs daily for 1month, my shoulder pain finally disappeared.